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Volume 95 | Issue 8
Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Steubenville, No. 39
Welcome to another issue of our monthly bulletin! Find out who our upcoming speakers are, what we covered during the last month's meetings, and learn more about our the Rotary Club of Steubenville and Rotary International!
President's Message
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As I realized that my tenure as President was in its second half, I was struck by the passage of time.  The passage of time is a concept that I’ve spent a great deal of effort trying to wrap my mind around. It is especially problematic because while time itself is a constant, it’s perception in our minds is continuously in flux. It’s worthwhile, if you’re able , to try and slow time down as much as possible and try to get the most out of each moment. Time itself is far more valuable than money, fame, possessions, etc. – probably the most important real or abstract resource there is.
Value itself can be measured in time, even more so than money, for if you can get people to devote time to your cause, this can in many cases demonstrate that they are even more interested in helping you/your cause than those who simply give money. The people who say ‘time is money’ are right to a degree, but I’ll go a step further and say that ‘time is more precious than money.” You can always get more money – but there is no way to gain extra time; only extend the experience and perception of it.
Time is so important because we only have X amount, where X equals moments in existence. You really can’t stretch it much further than what our physical bodies were designed to handle (this does vary slightly based on genetics), but I would say more than a raw number, how you spend those moments (whatever you most intimately enjoy doing) make up the purpose and function of that time. Looking back on life with regret is only a waste of time if you didn’t learn and grow from those experiences, and I do not believe you are ever wasting time if you are learning, growing and broadening your understanding of yourself, your interests and humanity itself.
Who you surround yourself with and what you do during the X amount of moments on earth speaks volumes for what exactly you represent, and even if you think or speak a certain way, how you spend your time will almost always reflect your true persona. People spend a great deal of time simply thinking about ways they can change their lives, and how “next year of my life” will be better – but this isn’t true, and is an unfortunate squandering of time. Your life will never change and you won’t all of a sudden start accomplishing your goals – unless of course you make a change right now, at this moment in time. Simply thinking about making a change will almost always result in no change.
Now is a powerful word, something many people have a hard time grasping. Everyone wants to make changes to their lives, but I’ve discovered that only those who act decisively and have the self-control to put something into action at will are the most successful human beings, and able to alter the course of their lives. We should all freely be enjoying our time while also respecting it, and using our time to mold ourselves like clay into an ideal self-image of what we want to be. This should be one of our most treasured goals in life, and I think we should all be using our time in this manner.
Upcoming Events
Rotarian Birthday Observance
Feb 15, 2019
Rotary Career Mentoring Day
Feb 22, 2019

Holocaust and Tree of Life Shooting Survivor speaks at Rotary Club of Steubenville

*Special thanks to Martin Hauser for making this possible. 
Article originally published in the Herald Star. Click here to read the full article and click here for WTOV9's report
Judah Samet leaned forward in his chair, shaking his head slightly as he considered how political differences dividing America have made otherwise level-headed Americans turn their back on their leaders.
“Never quit on America,” he said emphatically. “Anybody who complains about this country, let me take them to Bergen-Belsen for a couple weeks.”

Samet, a Holocaust survivor, was guest speaker Friday at Steubenville Rotary, telling its members and guests how he’d spent more than 10 months in the notorious Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in northern Germany — and how he survived it, becoming hardened to the stench of rotting corpses and the sounds of bones being crushed underfoot as he and a friend wandered the camp, searching for food scraps. He said his mother encouraged her children to eat lice, which were plentiful in the camp, reasoning that, “they were bloodsuckers, so if we ate them it would keep us alive.”

Rotary's Rose Bowl Float

Originally published on by Committee Chairman, Wade Nomura

"This year marks the 40th consecutive year we have entered a float in the Pasadena Rose Parade. Each year there are 700,000 spectators viewing the parade along the parade route and another 70 million plus that see it on television around the world.

This year we are planning on doing a number of things differently starting with following President Elect Mark Maloney’s (who will be on the Float with his wife Gay), theme of “Rotary Connects the World”. We will have coverage of our float in the major international Rotary magazines for the first time and will be inviting them to send participants for the Float. Our intent is to represent Rotary as the International organization it is and bring awareness to our international humanitarian efforts.

The Rose Parade theme of “”The Power of Hope” will also be a major theme for our Float, as we will have our international partners also represented on the float as well."

Click here to follow the Rotary International Rose Parade Float Committee. 

Box Tops for Education

Each of our local schools collects Box Tops for Education clippings. This is an easy way to help earn cash for your school. Each top is worth 10¢ and are found on hundreds of products. Just look for the pink Box Tops logo, tear it off, and send to your school. 

For more information on Box Tops, including a list of participating products, go to Be sure to sign up as a member (it’s free!) so you can check out your school’s earnings details and get access to coupons and bonus offers.

Bring a friend to Rotary

Rotary Club of Steubenville is on a mission. We want more members! Do you know someone who would make a great Rotarian? Don't know how to get them to join? Bring them as your guest or submit their name to the membership committee. 


Club Updates:

We sadly learned of the passing of Rotarian, Gary Cain, on February 4th. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. Information for services will be passed on as soon as possible. 
President Murdock announced at the January 25th meeting that Michael Mehalik volunteered to be our incoming President. Randy Cottis has volunteered to be our Treasurer. We would like to thank Mike and Randy for their leadership! 
We are still in need of a club secretary. If you have any interest, please contact Kathy Musso. 
Upcoming Speakers
Feb 08, 2019
City Engineer to update issues in Steubenville
Feb 15, 2019
Ms. Campana will preview the Aviation Academy at Big Red
Feb 22, 2019
Mar 01, 2019
Providing assistance to our veterans in Jefferson County
View entire list
Dec. 7 - Judge John Mascio updated members on improvements to the municipal court including, video arraignments, community service, and an opportunity to pay fines on a payment plan.
After the meeting, Rotary and Interact Club members visited East Garfield Elementary for the Children's Christmas party. Gifts and candy were collected by club members and distributed to the students. Click here for pictures. 
Dec. 21 - The Interact Club has been busy all month long serving as Santa's Helpers. Click here to read how club members impacted the lives of two students at Harding Middle School. 
Jan. 4 - Tricia Maple, President of the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, shared 2019 updates and goals. Read more in the Herald Star Article. 
Jan. 11 - Franco Carapellotti joined us to discuss developments at Franciscan Square. Read the Herald Star article here. 
Jan. 18- We  welcomed our newest member Larae Messer. Larae is the Creative Director for Em-Media Advertising. She was joined by Jim Emmerling and installed by president Keith Murdock.
Jan. 25 - County Commissioner, Tom Graham, provided updates on many topics including the county health plan, oil and gas work and leases, new businesses and updates at the Towers building.
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