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Volume 95 | Issue 3

Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Steubenville, No. 39
Welcome to another issue of our monthly bulletin! Find out who our upcoming speakers are, what we covered during the last month's meetings, and learn more about our the Rotary Club of Steubenville and Rotary International!
President's Message
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President’s message
A hive of bees is a perfect example of a community working together in harmony and for the common good of all its members. After all, a bee living alone can barely survive, let alone prosper. But in a hive made up of hundreds of other bees, each taking responsibility for the various jobs necessary for the survival of the community, the lone bee not only survives, it contributes mightily to the success of the hive.
The secret of the bee's success in living together in a close-knit community is that each bee not only understands the interrelationships that exist between it and the rest of the members of its community, but is willing to accept some of the responsibility for the hive's prosperity by expanding their role in the community whenever necessary.
As Rotarians, we too can choose to recognize the interrelationships that exist between ourselves and our neighbors and how those interrelationships have a direct impact on our quality of life. We can also choose to take some of the responsibility upon ourselves to contribute to improving those relationships and in the process improve our community.
In order for our community to continue to protect, preserve and enhance our community assets and our way of life, each member of our community has to acknowledge their role in our community and, at times, be willing to expand their role to take on some added responsibility.
One of the first steps in achieving a successful Rotary Club is to understand the wishes of all members.  The survey that we are asking everyone to complete does just that, so please take the time to participate in this worthwhile endeavor.  Once the survey is compiled, we will begin to choose community projects that will benefit everyone in our area.
So, let's all work at recognizing what roles we can choose to accept in our community and, like the bee, work together at making our community the best place to live that it can be!
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Inspiration Wine Raffle
Rotary District Governor Scott Schulick joined us to share his vision for Rotary's future. He donated a bottle of wine to our club for the Inspiration Wine Raffle. The big prize is not the wine, but Polio Eradication.  Whatever funds we raise will be sent to the Polio Plus Fund and matched by the Gates Foundation.  This is a District wide fundraiser.
The district will give the winner of our wine bottle a Paul Harris Fellow as funded by DG Scott. In addition,  our club will also pull a second ticket for a Paul Harris Fellow.The drawing is on October 19.
Tickets are available at each meeting. Cash or check accepted.
6 for $50, 13 for $100, or $10 each  
Winning gambit 
This article was originally published in The Rotarian. Read the full article by clicking below.
As most of us are aware, Kathy Musso, has a long line of Rotarian friends across the globe. Thanks to her support, Christopher Major, Rotarian and chess expert, a small village in Uganda is now learning the game.  Kathy is currently raising funds to buy chess boards to send to the village.
The "Kathleen" Foundation and Muwonge Thomas-Musso, with help from the Rotaract Club of Nangabo (near Kampala, Uganda), trained teachers in the game of chess. Assisting them was Christine Namaganda, world chess champion. These teachers will now teach their students the skills needed to enjoy the game. It was a great experience for all. 
Upcoming Speakers
Sept 7, 2018
Cindy Lucas, tailoring expert and owner of Steubenville Tailoring and Alterations
Sep 14, 2018
Mike Petrella, owner of Natural Relief, to share the opening of marijuana dispensary 
Sept 21, 2018
Frank Vosatek, Rubik's Cube Master 
Sept 28, 2018
Kasey Kuntz, Ohio University Ext. Office 

August's Happenings: 

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Aug 10th - Rotary District Governor Scott Schulick announced the Inspiration Wine Raffle.

Aug 17th - Reno Saccoccio, Big Red Football, shared updates on the team and his years spent as Coach.

Aug 24th - Kim Mark, Jefferson County Health Department joined us. We were informed of the impending flu season and other prevalent diseases across our county. 

Aug 31st-  Kasey Kuntz, Ohio State University Ext. Office joined us to discuss SNAP Ed. Find out more here. 

Upcoming Events
Membership Meeting
Sept 11, 2018
Women in Rotary Meeting
Sept 11, 2018
Board Meeting
Sept 14, 2018
Rotarian Birthday Observance
Sept 21, 2018
Longest Table
Sept 30, 2018
*Please sign up to volunteer for the Urban Mission. This will count as a Rotary Meeting Make Up. 
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