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Volume 97 | Issue 5

Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Steubenville
District 6650 Club 3609
Welcome to another issue of our monthly bulletin! Find out who our upcoming speakers are, what we covered during the last month's meetings, and learn more about our the Rotary Club of Steubenville and Rotary International!
COMINGS AND GOINGS and other things.....
I am happy to report that membership remains at 37 members with some interest among some new individuals.  Please invite your friends or colleagues to join us.
As we start the next 100 years of our Rotary Club and we begin to revitalize our Club to keep up with everchanging Rotary World, I think it is time we give our "newsletter" a new name.  It has been The Contact for as long as I remember going back to the days when Curtis Greenberg would bring it into the store and I could read it.  This was in the late 70's when it was written every week and you picked it up at the secretary's table.  Later it became a monthly and mailed to members.  The last two years it has been in this format and emailed to you.  Think of how much money we save in postage and paper.
Put on your thinking caps and come up with a new name and email to me.  I will send all the suggestions out to members to vote on so that when we begin a new Rotary year in July our news will also have a new name.
It is also time to elect 2 new board members.  If interested in helping to lead our club let Ross know.
The Dictionaries have finally been distributed to the 3rd grade students.  A special shout out to the Interact Club for labeling the books and to Barry Gullen, Jim Baber and Mike Mehalik for dropping at the schools.  We did not meet with students this year due to Covid restrictions in the schools.   Let us hope we can get back to this fun project next year and also have high school students return to our meetings.
This month we will meet in person on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday and more than likely in June also.  Our goal will be to start meeting fully in July even though there was some good discussion on how and what that will be.
ZOOM will also be available for those unable to make the meeting.
Do not forget to order lunch.  The menu was mailed to you previously.
What you missed......
April 7-  A celebration of birthdays and anniversaries plus members shared what is going on in their workplace or personal life.
April 21 - Julliette Olshock, Phipps Conservatory.  We learned about bringing pollinators (the birds and bees)  to our gardens.  Who knew the Butterfly Bush is banned in most places as it is invasive.
This month......
May 5 - Join us as we celebrate 100 years as the Rotary Club of Steubenville. There will be cake!   We are still planning our Community Celebration for later in the year.
May 19 -  Service Above Self Scholarship Awards - Joining us will be our awardees and their guests.  Please RSVP so we can order lunch for you.  Everyone will have the same lunch this week.....Fried Chicken and accompaniments.
April winners were Jody Glaub and Cortney Petrovich.  Congratualtions.

President's Message
Ross Gallabrese
member photo
It's amazing, when you think about, the number of days and months that are set aside each year to help call attention to various parts of our lives.
Some are a little silly, and some carry a great significance.
We all, for example, know that the recognition of Memorial Day is the last Monday in May (or, if you really are traditional, May 30.) Labor Day, meanwhile, is the first Monday in September. And while the Fourth of July is obvious, we know Christmas Day will fall on Dec. 25 and be followed by New Year's Day, which comes on Jan. 1.
Valentine's Day is Feb. 14, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day is celebrated on the third Monday in January, which always falls close to his actual birthday of Jan. 15, 1929. And, we remember that Veterans Day is Nov. 11.
Many of the days we set aside each year are to commemorate an historic event — such as Pearl Harbor Day on Dec. 7 — which makes sense. And, because we are Americans and just enjoy a good party, we also celebrate Cinco  de Mayo, which marks the Mexican Army's victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862.
Pick a favorite food, event, pet or activity, and it's almost certain there's a day on the calendar set aside for recognition.
Jan. 1, for example, not only is New Year's Day, but National Hangover Day, which might or might not be appropriate, depending on how you spent New Year's Eve.
National Pizza Day is Feb. 9, National Hamburger Day is May 28 and National Ice Cream Day is July 18. Those are followed by National Hot Dog Day on  July 22. National Beer Day is marked on April 7, National Gin and Tonic Day on April 9, National Bourbon Day on June 14 and National Scotch Day on July 27. National Steak Day is April 25, and National Cheesecake Day is July 30.
There are so many things to remember that some days have two celebrations. April 22, for instance, was Earth Day and National Beagle Day, a salute to the wonderful hound with the melodious bay.
It should not come as a surprise, then, that Rotary has a set of its own themes for each month of the year. In August, the theme was membership and new club development. September's theme was basic education and literacy, October's economic and community development, November's Rotary Foundation, December's disease prevention and treatment, January's vocational service, February's peace and conflict prevention and resolution, March's water and sanitation and April's maternal and child health.
The theme for May is youth service, and the theme for June is Rotary Fellowships.
May's theme is very appropriate for our club this year — we will be recognizing area young people this month through our annual scholarship program. The process has been very different this year because of all of the COVID-19 restrictions, but club members have, once again, stepped up to ensure we can recognize students who have been successful in high school with money that certainly will help them as they head to college.
We'll have the chance to meet them and learn a little more about each of them during a future meeting. That will serve as another reminder that Rotary Opens Opportunities.

Very Appropriate for May as we award our Service Above Self Scholarships to local high school students.

Provided by Debbie Vance McKay
Courtesy of our Rotary friend Jim Baber from his Facebook page
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Laura Rauch
May 5
Leah Eft
May 5
Kathleen Musso
May 28
Join Date
Pete Olivito
May 1, 2002
19 years
David D'Anniballe
May 5, 1983
38 years
Michael Florak
May 6, 2016
5 years

Taken from the American Legion Magazine


George Washington never told a lie, but he never had to file a Form 1040.



Why do Hurricanes get such lame names?  Name that thing "Hurricane Death Megatron 9000", and I guarantee folks will evacuate.


It's my wife's birthday next week, and I asked what she wanted.  "Oh I Don't know, " she said.  "Something with diamonds."  That's why I am giving her a pack of playing cards.



A guy goes door to door looking for work.  One homeowner hands him a brush and a can of paint and offers him $150 to paint his porch.  A few hours later, the guy comes back to the homeowner and says, "I'm finished.  But you should know that your car is a Ferrari, not a Porsche.


One day, refrigerators will take their revenge.  They'll burst into your bedroom in the middle of the night, switch on the light,  stare at your for a few minutes and leave.



From fellow Rotarian Patrick Coleman


After a morning worship service, a mother with a fidgety seven-year-old boy told her Pastor how she finally got her son to sit still and be quiet. About halfway through the sermon, she leaned over and whispered, 'If you don't be quiet, the Pastor is going to lose his place and will have to start his sermon all over again!' It worked."




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