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    September, 2019

Volume 96 | Issue 2

 Rotary Club of Steubenville 
District 6650, No. 3609
President's Message
Michael Mehalik
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During my recent vacation to Myrtle Beach I began to read a book that my son-in-law just finished. Little did he know that I had been eyeing the book on his fireplace mantel over the last six months.  I even pulled it down one day while babysitting the angels and read a chapter.  It did intrigue me.  As soon as he finished the book at the beach, I laid claim to it.
The Book is “Sapiens, a Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari. The basic premise of the book is covered on the book’s back cover.  During humankind’s history “Fire gave us power, Farming made us hungry for more, Money gave us purpose, and Science made us deadly.”  Humankind became rulers of the world through genetic luck, ruthlessness, and because of our special social abilities that enabled us to band together in larger groups with a common purpose.
The author is not impressed with humankind’s accomplishments to date.  He writes, “Unfortunately the Sapiens regime on earth has so far produced little that we can be proud of.  We mastered our surroundings, increased food production, built cities, established empires and created far-flung trade networks. But did we decrease the amount of suffering in the world?”
As a member of humankind who happens to be a Rotarian, my answer would be that we Rotarians are trying. Rotary International’s worldwide water projects, polio eradication project, and other health initiatives are making every effort to reduce the amount of suffering in the world.  Here in Steubenville our club continues to support a number of projects that support education, women’s health, and other worthwhile projects that come to our attention. 
There are many other organizations worldwide making efforts as well.  The problem is that suffering worldwide is immense and the overall effort to help is not near enough.  The same holds true in our own community. Poverty, addiction, and mental health issues are devastating our community.
As Rotarians we need to try to do more. The Rotarian Code of Conduct states, “use my professional skills through Rotary to: mentor young people, help those with special needs, and improve people’s quality of life in my community and in the world.”
I believe our club wants to do more and wants to improve people’s quality of life in our community and in the world.  Moving forward with an additional fundraiser is a great way to start and will enable us to help more.  I am excited about some of the suggested fundraisers made at the Club meeting in July.  I am hopeful that we will come up with a great fundraiser and have fun doing it as well. 
Remember, it will take a large group of Sapiens working together to make it happen!
Club News
News, Views and Opportunities
A New Editor
I have taken on the duties of producing the newsletter for the Club.  Kate did a great job setting up the new format in Club Runner and we thank her for all her efforts.    You may see changes over the next few issues as I learn how to navigate this venue and produce the news.  Robyn Hill (ACE Reporter) will be helping me so if there is something you would like to see please let us know or if you would also like to contribute that would be fantastic.  This is your newsletter to keep you informed of local club, district and Rotary International news.   
August Board Meeting
The Board of Directors met on Friday, August 23.    They agreed to contribute to the United Way of Jefferson County for 2020 and discussed a proposed increase of fees for lunches at the YWCA.  There will be more information soon so that we can receive input from all the members.  Please note if you missed the meeting or attend occasionally for a makeup the Board meeting will move to 11 am, just prior to the regular fellowship on the 2nd Friday of the month.
The 4th Street Exit
A few members of the club ( Kathy, Robyn, Cory and Curtis)  spent about an hour weeding one of the garden beds and had not realized how overgrown they had become.  We were able to really spend some time and determine our next steps.  We have decided to paint the Gazebo a nice shade of gray but it will need a coat of primer first.     The area around the gazebo needs dug so flowers and bulbs can be planted.  Once that is done Rotary signs will be installed with one facing  south towards State Route 7 and one facing north on 7.  There are still 2 beds that need weeded and trimmed so we can see what they really look like before making any changes in them.  Join in on the fun.  Please let Curtis know if you can help as we are planning a Saturday morning work party September 7th around 11 am.    There will also be a work party on the 21st at 9 am .
Please bring heavy duty  garden gloves as some of the plants are thorny.
Golf 2019
A fun day was had by the 17 teams that participated in the tournament.  A special thanks to the IBEW and the electrical workers who joined us.  Jim Baber, supervised by Pat Fletcher did an excellent job grilling the hot dogs.  John Mascio, Mike Florak and Erika Lyons were our salesmen for the Mulligans and Raffle tickets.  Randy Cottis acted as score keeper and helped us make his first executive decision as Treasurer when we had a tie for second place.  Our own Scott Lane and his team were one the teams that tied.  He generously returned some of his winnings.  We thought this may be our last tournament but it seems some other members may be willing to chair and Kyle feels his fellow union members would be interested in supporting our efforts.  If you would like to help with the tournament let me know and we can determine our next steps.
World Polio Day, October 24
For those of us old enough to remember Polio we know what a devastating disease this can be.  I remember getting vaccinated by both needle and the infamous sugar cube.   One of my nearby neighbors in Pennsylvania contracted the disease and had to wear braces to walk.  He was one of the lucky ones as today he is still able to walk and work.  Others were not so lucky.   It was just announced that  Nigeria is Polio Free.  Pakistan is still one of the remaining countries  that it keeps popping up.   Individual Polio workers there  are in danger everyday as they strive to make sure every child is vaccinated.  Many have lost their lives doing so.   I hope you were able to take one of the Polio Piggy Banks to collect your change.  If not throw your change in a jar or coffee mug and return by October 18th.  We will collect all the funds and make a contribution to the Polio Plus campaign.
Visiting Students
If you would like to host visiting students from the high schools in Jefferson County please let me know.   I will soon schedule the schools working around holidays and other events.  Your job will be to contact the school, generally the guidance counselor and invite them to bring 2 or 3 students for lunch.  In the past a member was responsible for a school.  Scott Lane will continue to bring Interact Club members.
Holiday Party
Carolyn and Jody will again host our annual Holiday event at the Center of Music and Art in Wintersville.     You only need bring your spouse or special friend, a toy for the Urban Mission and food to share.  There will be more information next month.
Club Runner APP
You can add the Club Runner APP to your Android or IOS phone.   Search for Rotary Club Runner (blue and white logo) and install.   With the APP you can look up members and get their contact info, see who is speaking, club events  and more.  There is also district information to assist you such as clubs in our district, executives and events.  You will need your Club Runner user name and password to log in so if you have forgotten it let me know.
Meeting Makeups and Invoice Payments
Please forward all meeting makeups including those online to Lori Fetherolf, our new secretary.   I have forwarded all those that have been sent to me.    Email:  lorifetherolf@cityof
You can still mail your payments to  PO Box 1485, Steubenville  or give to Randy Cottis who is now our new treasurer.
Opportunities to Help
In October please bring in a bag or two of candy for the Steubenville Recreation Dept Halloween Party.  All the children attending this FREE event will have some goodies for their treat bags.  Give the candy to Lori Fetherolf.  
The Urban Mission is collecting gently worn winter coats for all ages but especially children.  We will be participating with Operation Warm again this year in which we will purchase new coats for youth but I am sure some of you may have grandchildren or children who have outgrown their coats. You can help a child, woman or man stay warm this winter.   Dr. Baber or Rev. Ashley will make sure they get to the Mission.
A sweet treat for Thanksgiving.   This year the Urban Mission not only needs your financial support at Thanksgiving but is trying to collect about 1400 cake mixes, frosting and cans of sweet potatoes.   On your next trip to the market pick up these items and drop at the Urban Mission warehouse or bring to Rotary.  We will have a collection box.
"Whatever Rotary means to us, to the world it will be known by the results it achieves."
                                                                                    Message to 1941 RI Convention
                                                                                    Houston, Texas, USA
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